Fountain Park and a Sandwich

School just started last week, but I’m still not used to the idea. And just when summer seemed to be over, we’ve had a burst of warm weather again. So we took advantage of some gorgeous sunshine on Sunday afternoon and went to the fountain park downtown. We hadn’t been down there in a while, so it was fun to relax and watch the boys play in the water. We skipped church that morning since the Seahawks were playing (hence Logan’s jersey) so the boys were very restless to get out of the house and run around.





IMG_8025After playing around in some other fountains, we found our way to Cold Stone Creamery and got some delicious ice-cream treats. By this time, Logan was sick of fountains, but Ben could have played in the water all day. At Cold Stone, Ben ordered the Oreo Cookie ice-cream with m&ms mixed in. Matt and I shared Chocolate Mocha with Heath Bar added, and Logan got a simple (and very BLUE) cotton candy flavor. He shivered in his wet clothes the entire time he ate his ice-cream. I even changed his shirt, but his little teeth were still chattering. I finally wrapped him up like a little burrito in his towel so we could finish our treats. Guess he wasn’t feeling the warm summer day as much as we were!

IMG_8027As summer is winding down and I have been home for a few months now, I am starting to get tired of cooking and I am running out of interesting things to make and eat, but today I found a really good sandwich recipe to help use up some of the pesto I have been making. Simple, but really tasty. It has a slice of provolone cheese, a layer of pesto, smashed avocado, and salt and pepper on toasted Dave’s Killer Bread. Killer! I found the recipe here, on a fun blog I have been following lately about healthy eating. I actually hate sandwiches, but this is a nice lunch option for me when the boys are at school.



That’s all for now, happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Fountain Park and a Sandwich

  1. Not much of sandwich eater either, but I do love that combo with pesto. Happy you tried it, and you can’t go wrong with Dave’s Killer Bread. So jealous of you Pacific Northwesterners and your access to it. ;)

    That looks like a great splash park. My kids would have so much fun there…and I would have fun getting Oreo ice-cream afterwards. Good choice Ben!

    • Thanks for responding Heather! My photos don’t do the sandwich justice, it is so delicious! I didn’t realize that you couldn’t buy Dave’s Killer Bread everywhere. We can even get it at Costco here. My mom just told me the other day that my uncle worked with Dave at a bakery in Portland before he became known as Killer Dave. I’ll have to look into this!

  2. Ok, two things. Is Logan spitting into his Coldstone? If so, that’s nasty. Also, waht is that mysterious liquid on the other half of the bread?? Looks like grey mayo or…maybe it’s Logan’s spit?

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